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Gary Lee Price - "Dream Flight"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Dream Flight
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 16.5"h x 5"w

“I awake . . .
Laying in my bed, but somewhere else entirely.
Is it real or was it just a dream?
(Is there a difference?)

I can still feel the wind rushing by my face.
I touch the canyon walls with my fingertips.
The beautiful green below, the vast blue above
Colors so vivid ‑ I can taste them.

I dip my arm ‑ tilt my hand ‑ I turn with ease.
I arch my back ‑ look upward ‑ I ascend
My soul is on fire ‑ I can fly!

I enter a new dimension
I close my eyes and continue my dream . . .” Gary Lee Price

"Dream Flight" is a bronze sculpture of a whimsical, flying figure. Dynamic energy is conveyed through the figure's extended arms and legs. The sculpture is supported by a sleek, curvilinear support that is attached to a polished, rectangular base; on this base, crescent moon and star motifs are visible, contributing to the fantastical theme of the piece. The overall patina of the bronze gives the sculpture a timeless quality.