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Melinda Fellini - "Deep Mesa"

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Artist: Melinda Fellini
Title: Deep Mesa
Medium: Encaustic
Dimensions: 24"h x 30"w

"Deep Mesa" is an encaustic that showcases an abstracted landscape scene. Melinda Fellini has used a warm color palette dominated by hues of red, orange, and yellow. The top portion of the canvas is filled with a soft, yellow-orange gradient that suggests a sky illuminated by the sun. Below this, a series of horizontal bands in muted blues and purples create the impression of distant mountains and plateaus. The central portion of the painting features bold reds and oranges, defining the rugged terrain of rock formations. The transitions between the shades and tones are smooth, giving the composition a fluid and atmospheric quality. Drips of color descend from the cliffs into the lower section of the canvas, introducing an element of verticality that contrasts with the predominantly horizontal bands above.The overall impression is one of a grand, somewhat ethereal landscape that emphasizes color, form, and emotion over realistic representation.