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Dave Newman - "How I See the West Series #NM34"

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Artist: Dave Newman
Title: How I See the West Series #NM34
Medium: Acrylic/Mixed Media
Dimensions: 48"h x 48"w

"How I see the West Series #NM34" is a vibrant collage that incorporates various elements of classic American iconography. At the center, there is a prominent image of a vintage automobile flanked by a Route 66 sign. A hanging tire, gas pump, and a wooden, stylized figure of a Native American add depth and diversity to the composition. The background is a patchwork of different textures and colors, utilizing elements such as signs and post cards. Motel signs are also visible, evoking the motels that typically line the historic highway. Colorful geometric patterns, possibly referencing Native American designs, adorn different sections of the work, providing a contrast to the imagery drawn from mid-20th century Americana. Overall, the artwork presents a layered, nostalgic representation of cultural symbols and motifs from a bygone era of American road travel.