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Mason Parker - "Damselfly #5 Marine Blue/Medium Blue"

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Artist: Mason Parker
Title: Damselfly #5 Marine Blue/Medium Blue
Medium: Fused Glass and Copper
Dimensions: 17"h x 23"w

Installation Options:  Damselflies can be installed indoors or out! Standing on stand – just stick the rod in the belly hole and level up the stone. Screwed to the wall – put a screw through the tail space and one through the “nose” space. Hanging from wherever – ideal height is where you can see it from top and bottom, like a stairwell or a tree branch. Hanging on the wall or in a window – Thread wire though the middle crosswires of the top wings and it will hang flush. Hanging from a rod – use a rod that is at least 1/4” diameter and about 6 feet long and stick it into the ground about a foot at about a 60 degree angle, or you could wedge it in between some heavy rocks. Care You don't need to do much except display it where the wind won't bang it into something. The Damselflies have survived brutal Vermont winters. Observe the beauty of the snow accumulating on the wings and self cleaning them as it slides off with the first rays of sun. If you want to re-shine up the copper body, use Turtle Wax and buff it. If you do have an accident, you can always order brand new replacement wings, or send back the broken ones. Remelts are nearly always successful.