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Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo - "Daisy Dance"

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Artist: Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo
Title: Daisy Dance
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 14"h x 11"w

"The daisy is most appreciated for its simple beauty. Most often, the meanings associated with it are optimistic. The most accepted symbolism has to do with childhood, purity and innocence. Another theme is that of new beginnings. The name "daisy" is derived from the words "day's eyes" since star-shaped flower opens during the daytime and closes at night. It is a reminder to me to live one day at a time." Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo

"Daisy Dance" depicts a sculpture of a young woman dancing. The figure appears to be mid-pose, capturing a moment of joyous movement. The figure is posed on one leg with the other leg bent at the knee, her arms are lifted and extended in an elegant manner. The sculpture exhibits detailed work in her facial expression, conveying happiness and merriment. She is adorned with a finely detailed dress, the skirt reminiscent of a daisy. The sculpture has a realistic yet stylized aesthetic, with elements of the dress and hair showcasing movement. The daisy petals are colored with a gradient from pink to red hues, contrasting against the golden tones of her bodice and brownish color of her limbs. The sculpture is mounted on a simple, black circular base, which enhances the focus on the intricacy of the figure's form and attire.