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Christine Hausserman - "Floating Circle Series #56"

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Artist: Christine Hausserman
Title: Floating Circle Series #56
Medium: Glass and Acrylic on Aluminum
Dimensions: 12"h x 12"w

Floating Circles are textured pieces of art featuring a circular form with a somewhat irregular, organic appearance. The circular shape is made with dichroic glass that displays vibrant colors that include hues of yellow, orange, red, and small touches of blue and green. The background of the artwork has a monochromatic, dark tone, which contrasts with the bright, colorful glass making up the circle. The interplay between the vivid circle and the subdued background results in a focal point that draws the eye along the loop, creating a dynamic visual journey around the artwork. The thick application of materials adds a tactile quality to the piece, giving it a three-dimensional feel.