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Chas Martin - "Whisper"

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Artist: Chas Martin
Title: Whisper
Medium: Mixed Media
Dimensions: 24"h x 10"w

"Whisper" is a sculptural piece featuring an elongated humanoid form. The figure stands with arms outstretched and a head tilting slightly upwards, creating a pose that emanates openness and receptivity. The entire sculpture is imbued with a deep, rich blue tone that gradients into lighter hues, accentuating its three-dimensional contours and giving the piece a luminescent quality. The sense of openness is further emphasized by the silhouette of a smaller humanoid shape framed within the hollow space of the sculpture's torso. This internal silhouette appears to be poised, perhaps offering a contemplative dimension to the work. The sculpture resides on a solid, flat base that shares its color scheme, providing stability for the artwork's slender and elongated form. Overall, the sculpture conveys a sense of ethereal grace and depth, evoking themes of human connection, inner space, and the embodiment of spirit or consciousness.