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Chas Martin - "The Collector"

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Artist: Chas Martin
Title: The Collector
Medium: Mixed Media
Dimensions: 21"h x 13"w

"The Collector" is a three-dimensional sculpture with a stylized form. The figure appears dynamic and is captured in a pose that showcases movement. Its body and limbs have an abstract, elongated quality, while the torso is cube-like. The sculpture's texture is uneven and rough, conveying a tactile sense of materiality. Color is a significant aspect of this piece, with a vibrant, variegated palette that includes oranges, yellows, and hints of green and blue. These colors are applied in a manner that emphasizes the sculpture's form, highlighting its contours and accentuating its depth. The sculpture is mounted on a solid, flat base, which has a rough, stone-like texture with blue-ish and violet tones, contrasting with the warm colors of the figure itself. The base provides stability and grounding for the dynamic figure, giving it a sense of purpose within the space it occupies. The overall impression is of a piece that bridges abstract and representational art, with a strong sense of motion and emotion conveyed through its form and color.