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Gary Lee Price - "Celebration of Life"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Celebration of Life
Medium: Bronze
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"Celebration; the very word puts a smile on our faces and gives us vibrant energy and optimism for jobs well done. It also causes upward motion. It is this ‘zest for life’ that I attempted to capture in my exuberant figure. I think we should celebrate ours and other’s ‘wins’ more and spread the GOOD NEWS! Life is short – let us enjoy it!" Gary Lee Price

"Celebration of Life" features a boy captured in an expressive pose. The person is standing on one leg with the other knee raised. One arm is stretched up to the side, extending the sense of motion, while the other arm reaches out horizontally, giving the figure balance. The surface texture is rough and stylized, with visible marks that add to the dynamism of the piece and represent Price's technique. The figure's facial expression conveys elation, contributing to the overall impression of joyful movement.