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Curtis Brannum - "CATALINAS"

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Artist: Curtis Brannum
Medium: Digital Art on Canvas
Dimensions: 24"h x 36"w

"CATALINAS" showcases digital art on canvas that captures a desert scene, rich with various cacti and desert vegetation. In the foreground, we see prickly pear cacti with their distinctive paddle-like structures, and a tall, slender cactus stands prominently, reaching towards the sky. The middle ground is filled with a dense collection of shrubs and cacti, creating a vibrant tapestry of desert flora. In the background, rugged mountains rise under a cloudy sky, with layers of blue hues suggesting distance and depth. The work is expressive and somewhat impressionistic, with visible strokes that convey movement and texture in the foliage and clouds. The image gives an impression of a wild, untamed desert wilderness, when the vegetation is rich and the air is clear.