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Gary Lee Price - "Cartwheel Girl (Crabwalk)"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Cartwheel Girl (Crabwalk)
Medium: Bronze
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"Nothing exemplifies the enjoyment of open spaces like kids doing cartwheels! I tried to capture the enthusiasm and adventuresome nature of kids playing in the park; qualities that at times we lose sight of. I hope these kids ‘re-remind’ us to have fun in all that we do!" Gary Lee Price

This Cartwheel Kid is a representation of a young girl figure in a crabwalk position. The work is crafted in bronze, and the figure is portrayed in a fun and energetic elegant pose, resting on one her hands while her knees are bent with one leg raised higher than the other. The girl's facial features are well-defined, with a jovial expression. The anatomy is finely sculpted, showcasing the natural curves and muscle tone of the form. The sculpture's smooth finish accentuates her posture and adds to its overall aesthetic appeal.