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Gary Lee Price - "Cartwheel Boy (2 hands down)"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Cartwheel Boy (2 hands down)
Medium: Bronze
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"Nothing exemplifies the enjoyment of open spaces like kids doing cartwheels! I tried to capture the enthusiasm and adventuresome nature of kids playing in the park; qualities that at times we lose sight of. I hope these kids ‘re-remind’ us to have fun in all that we do!" Gary Lee Price

This Cartwheel Kid is a bronze sculpture depicting a young boy doing a cartwheel. The figure's left leg is extended straight upward while the right leg is bent at the knee, creating a dynamic line from the foot through the torso and arms which firmly plant into the ground. The muscles and limbs of the figure are rendered with a high level of detail, showcasing the strength and balance of the form. The sculpture is polished to a shine, enhancing the fluid curves and showcasing the figure's sense of movement.