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Gary Lee Price - "Cartwheel Boy (1 hand down)"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Cartwheel Boy (1 hand down)
Medium: Bronze
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"Nothing exemplifies the enjoyment of open spaces like kids doing cartwheels! I tried to capture the enthusiasm and adventuresome nature of kids playing in the park; qualities that at times we lose sight of. I hope these kids ‘re-remind’ us to have fun in all that we do!" Gary Lee Price

This Cartwheel Kid showcases a boy doing a dynamic one-handed cartwheel. The figure has one hand firmly planted on the base, which mimics an earthy surface, while the legs are split in the air, one pointing straight up and the other angled backward. The figure's head is angled downward, looking toward the ground, enhancing the sense of athleticism. The sculpture's material has a metallic bronze finish, offering a sense of permanence and weight to the otherwise lively and agile posture. This work of art conveys a sense of grace, strength, and joy.