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Gary Lee Price - "Candice"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Candice 
Medium: Bronze
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"This was my first garden piece and was modeled after our carpet layer’s daughter, Candice. I wanted to create a piece that told the story of gardening. To me, gardening represents a bigger picture; one of faith, nurturing, and results; the law of the harvest. Acting on faith and tremendous curiosity, this young lady plants her flower garden and waters it diligently. Her hat comes off in reverence and awe for this miracle of life she witnesses right before her eyes. Her daily ritual has paid off and the world is a prettier place for her efforts." Gary Lee Price

"Candice" is a sculpture of a young girl, depicted in a standing pose. She is dressed in a knee-length dress with pleats and short sleeves and is wearing shoes with straps. Her hair is styled in two gathered pigtails, and she is looking downward. The girl is holding a watering can in her right hand, tilted as if she is watering something, and carries a wide-brimmed hat in her left hand, hanging by her side. Price intended this piece to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of life and nature,