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Judith Monroe - "Butterfly Collection #7"

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Artist: Judith Monroe
Title: Butterfly Collection #7
Medium: Mixed Media on Panel
Dimensions: 6"h x 6"w

Includes photo transfers, acrylic, color pencil, ephemera, and dried pressed leaves on cradled wood panel.

"Butterfly Collection #7" is a mixed media piece depicting a detailed butterfly with outstretched wings. The butterfly is centered on a textured background that resembles a map with grid lines and various markings, creating a layered effect. The coloration of the butterfly includes shades of yellow and green with dark brown accents outlining each section of the wings. The overall composition is framed within a textured border that gives the piece a tactile quality. A small botanical element is affixed to the upper right corner, adding a three-dimensional aspect and contributing to the organic motif.