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Gary Lee Price - "Buddhaphant"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Buddhaphant
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"BUDDHAPHANT was inspired by ‘The Buddha’ – the Enlightened One, and by my love and admiration for elephants. It is not a depiction of Ganesha, the Indian God and remover of obstabcles (although when we do think light, become the light, and share the light – indeed many obstacles do disappear!). I wanted to create a sculpture that not only makes us smile, think higher thoughts, and raises our vibration – but inherently contains a profound meaning. We all realize the need for (and the peace of mind it brings) by simply calming our minds, taking time to ‘breathe’ and going ‘within’. Our profound human need to become INTERNAL versus EXTERNAL, in my opinion, is the way we change the world – make it a better place for all. It is often quoted – ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’. That is the only way. Let us THINK LIGHT – BE THE LIGHT – SHARE THE LIGHT." Gary Lee Price

"Buddhaphant" is a sculpture that pays tribute to The Buddha and the artists love and admiration for elephants. The sculpture is depicted in a sitting position on a platform that gently curves upward. The figure is adorned with a necklace, and the pedestal upon which the figure is seated has a design featuring a series of spherical shapes arranged in a vertical line. Price intended the sculpture to make the viewer smile, but also have deep profound meaning as well.