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Lucy Dickens - "Brilliant Cascade"

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Artist: Lucy Dickens
Title: Brilliant Cascade
Medium: oils
Dimensions: 24"h x 18"w

"Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to hike Havasupai Falls near the southwest corner of the Grand Canyon. This had long been a bucket list adventure for me and finally it was time! I set out to train for this event knowing it would be the biggest physical challenge I’d tackled so far. We traversed thirty six aggressive miles in four days, experiencing high vistas, spectacular canyons, and rich waterfalls in a desert oasis of stunning beauty! For years, I had seen photos with brilliant turquoise waters, however, nothing could compare to standing in their presence. Hearing the water roar while cascading into travertine pools and feeling the mist on my face invigorated me as I inhaled crisp, clean air. My joy and gratitude could not be contained, along with the most incredible sense of accomplishment in being able to experience such a challenging adventure!  These waterfalls are like no other in the world and visiting them is certainly an opportunity of a lifetime.

The five Havasupai Falls include: Navajo Falls, Fifty Foot Falls, Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls. “Brilliant Cascade” captures Havasu Falls which is the most famous of the waterfalls, spilling over deep-orange, travertine cliffs into gorgeous blue green waters.

'Havasupai Falls have been the destination of the avid hiker and adventure seeker in the Grand Canyon for years. The Havasupai people, or Havasuw `Baaja, the people of the blue green waters, are the traditional guardians of the Grand Canyon and the falls.'  Their village is at the base of the canyon before hiking on to explore the waterfalls." Lucy Dickens

"Brilliant Cascade" is a painting of a waterfall. The waterfall is the central feature, cascading down from the top of a rocky formation. At the top of the cliffs, green foliage peeks out. Water plummets down the cliff face, creating a misty veil as it merges with the pool below. The bottom of the painting includes rounded stones by the water's edge, and the water in the pool has a vibrant blue hue. Subtle sunlight illuminates the scene, filtering through the sky above and reflecting off the water below, which enhances the tranquility and natural beauty of the depicted landscape. Dickens has captured the textures of the rocks and vegetation, as well as the dynamic movement of the waterfall, creating a serene and picturesque representation of a natural scene.