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Dave Newman - "Bird on a Totem Series"

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Artist: Dave Newman
Title: Bird on a Totem Series
Medium: Acrylic /Mixed Media
Dimensions: 48"h x 12"w

"Bird on a Totem Series" is a vertical, mixed media composition that includes a variety of objects stacked on top of one another against a textured blue background with vertical white stripe accents. At the top, there is a brightly colored bird with an orange head, yellow body, and black and white wings sitting on a red circular object. Below the bird, there is a vintage-looking birdcage. Beneath the birdcage, a wooden bowling pin is centrally positioned, adding a sense of playfulness, with visible cracks and a vintage design wrapping around its neck. Further down, a bold yellow disc balances the objects above it. At the base of the composition sits a stylized representation of a classic Coca-Cola bottle, recognizable by its iconic shape, red label, and script. The design elements on the bottle are softened, as if aged, which complements the overall antiquated aesthetic of the composition. The juxtaposition of these disparate elements invites viewers to contemplate the relationships between objects and the meanings they may hold individually and collectively.