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Guilloume - "Between Friends"

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Artist: Guilloume
Title: Between Friends
Medium: Bronze Relief on Aluminum
Dimensions: 16"h x 36"w

As an artist, I travel extensively between shows where I display and promote my work. Traveling around this great country and meeting different people is one of the most interesting aspects of my life in the arts. In early 2011, I visited Crested Butte, Colorado. My wife and I planned to celebrate her birthday on this particular trip by going out to dinner. By the time we actually left for the restaurant, however, our romantic dinner had grown to include eight of our friends! What a wonderful time we had sharing, joking, and laughing. The more engrossed in the conversation we became and the more personal the stories we shared, the more it seemed we were individual threads in a piece of beautiful fabric. Being surrounded by good friends is like having a soft, beautifully-colored shirt draping your body. I love being around friends. They truly do make up the fabric of my life.