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Anthony Donno - "1968 Ohio Step Side Ford Bench"

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Artist: Anthony Donno
Title: 1968 Ohio Step Side Ford Bench
Medium: Truck and auto parts
Dimensions: 37"h x 52"w

Anthony Donno's "1968 Ohio Step Side Ford Bench" is a bench crafted from automotive parts. The backrest of the bench is made from a red and rusted tailgate from a Ford vehicle, the brand being prominently displayed in the center. The seat of the bench is constructed with varnished wooden planks, adding a warm, contrasting texture to the metal components. The base of the bench includes two black automotive wheels at the back contributing to the industrial aesthetic. An Ohio license plate dated '68 is affixed to the front of the bench, centered just below the seat. The bench displays a creative reuse of car parts to form a functional piece of furniture that also serves as a statement piece blending industrial design with vintage automotive culture.