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Gary Lee Price - "Alpha and Omega"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Alpha and Omega
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 37"h x 14"w

"Let the sky divide its doors
And the gates of the universe be open;
For the Son of Man descends forth
Coming in His glory through the clouds. 

Let angels sound their trumpets
Piercing the veil of darkness on the earth,
The Creator has left His throne,
Thunder His declaration of departure!

Let the sun burn brightly
Bursting with the illumination of glad tidings,
That all the faithful
Who witness His fulfillment
May rush forth to greet their Lord.

Let the meek and lowly
Raise their weary voices in jubilation,
Their Friend and Master has come.

Let the sorrowful and the sick
Weep no more,
The Healer descends from Heaven!

Let the world tremble at His coming,
Charity His chariot,
Mercy His mighty robe,
And love His glory forever!

Alpha and Omega is here!
Let the bells of the millennium ring forth!" Poem: Howard Rainer

"Alpha and Omega" is a dynamic sculpture crafted with a sense of motion. It features a figure with exaggerated, swirling forms that spiral around him, creating a tornado-like effect. The figure is depicted in mid-action with his right arm extended upwards and his left arm reaching behind. The sculpture is monochromatic, which accentuates its play of light and shadow across its surface. The fluidity of the form contrasts with the solidity of the material, suggesting a narrative of energy captured in a moment of time.