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Gary Lee Price - "Alina"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Alina
Medium: Bronze
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"My business manager’s daughter, Alina, was such a cutie I couldn’t help utilizing her talents in a new garden sculpture. Irises have long been my favorite flower and I wanted to do a piece showing reverence and honor for these beautiful creations." Gary Lee Price

"Alina" shows a bronze sculpture of a young girl. She is dressed in a textured, mid-length dress, and holds a watering can in her left hand, hanging down beside her, and in her right hand, she is holding up a bunch of Iris flowers. Her hair is styled in waves that cascade over her shoulders, and she looks slightly upward, towards the flowers. The sculpture captures a sense of innocence and delight. The artwork is three-dimensional, detailed, and life-like, embodying a moment of simple joy.