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Houston Llew - Spiritiles - "Aestas (Retired) - Trio Series"

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Artist: Houston Llew - Spiritiles
Title: Aestas (Retired) - Trio Series
Medium: Glass on Copper
Dimensions: 11"h x 18"w

Trio Series Limited Edition; each piece is 11" high x 6" wide. Artist's Narrative: At the warehouse complex where our studio is located there is a rather considerable dearth of nature. With only concrete buildings to surround, we have to get out and seek some green for rejuvenation at every opportunity. On those days, there's nothing quite like an afternoon spent under my favorite tree, with its long branches spread out in an almost oval shape, some dipping low toward the ground, tempting youth to climb and perch among its limbs. Who can count the hours spent looking up through that tree, watching the breeze dance sunlight across the leaves, imagining each play of light as a new note in a wild song, and getting lost in the moment? Who cares to count - for the tree is so much more than a tree - it is inspirational refuge. Last one available - order yours now!