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Anthony Donno - "1962 GMC Bench"

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Artist: Anthony Donno
Title: 1962 GMC Bench
Medium: Truck and auto parts
Dimensions: 35"h x 55"w

"1962 GMC Bench" is an inventive piece of furniture that has been crafted with an aesthetic that combines utility, nostalgia, and automotive design. The main feature of this artwork is an old, rusted, blue and white tailgate from a GMC truck as the seat back. The tailgate shows signs of wear and age, with a prominent GMC logo in the center, which adds to the piece's vintage charm and authenticity. The seat of the bench is composed of wooden planks, giving a warm, rich hue that contrasts with the cool tones of the metal tailgate. The bench is supported by automotive wheels. At the front of the bench, just below the wooden seat, a vintage automobile license plate from Arizona is affixed, further enhancing the automotive theme of the piece. The combination of worn metal, polished wood, and automotive parts creates a functional art piece. It represents a creative intersection between sculpture and furniture, where the assembly of various components is not just about utility but also about aesthetic appreciation and a celebration of past engineering and design.