Xanadu Gallery | Scottsdale, AZ*

Sophie Brouillet




Born in Montreal, Sophie Brouillet has been passionate about art from an early age and enjoyed her first art classes at five years old. It was only in 2000, however, as an adult, that life allowed her the freedom to pursue her passion for painting and drawing. Quickly making up for lost time, Sophie has since participated in multiple exhibitions in Canada and has shown her work in Canada and the United States.

Sophie engages her imagination to create expressionist pieces of work that deeply reflect her feelings and personality. The artist marries abstract techniques and expressionism to capture animals, human beings, and other natural subjects to depict them with strength, emotion, and motion while leaving room for the viewer to interpret and engage their imagination.

Sophie's subjects almost seem to observe us as much as we observe them. Each work demonstrates Sophie's passion for the animals and people she depicts.