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Lucy Dickens


About Lucy Dickens

Join artist, Lucy Dickens, as she takes you along in her journeys on canvas and in word to some of the most magical settings in the world. Award winning Arizona artist, Lucy has created a unique, story-like approach to landscape painting.  She discovers the landscape, and then transforms it into a narrative pictorial on canvas.  Her landscape paintings convey an emotional reaction that transports the viewer into scenes of beautiful tranquility; an authentic place and time.

Lucy resides in the majestic state of Arizona where she feels it’s a privilege to be surrounded by all the diverse beauty of the Southwest.  “There are few places on Earth where you can enjoy the morning on a lake cut by glaciers and rising red rocks, have lunch watching a gentle snowfall in a quiet forest, then end the day watching a sunset standing on the rim of the largest canyon in the world! Arizona is an artist’s paradise and as an artist, I’m dedicated to capturing this God given beauty on canvas.”

Growing up as the daughter of both a photographer and a watercolorist, Lucy developed a keen eye and passion for the outdoors. “I always loved watching my mom paint; she first encouraged and inspired me to create.” Her family was also avid outdoor explorers, backpacking and camping their way through some of the most pristine wilderness many never see.

Lucy developed such an appreciation for nature and as a budding artist began to study everything, the way the sunlight struck the mountain ridges and sparkled across the water, the way the clouds formed and the setting sun bathed everything in warm light. “Being accused of having my head in the clouds may have some validity as I am always watching the sky change before me!” laughed Lucy. These experiences left her with a passion for exploring the world around her and desire to capture its beauty.

Lucy describes her education as self-directed study, outdoors exploring, and countless hours in the studio striving to push the envelope. “I try to be the sponge and learn anything and everything I can. I think you never stop learning and growing as an artist, if you do you’ll stifle.” stated Lucy.  From an early age she has been drawn to the work of the great masters, especially the Hudson River Valley painters, such as Thomas Cole and Fredrick Church.  I love their handling of oil paints, mastery of atmosphere and light, and capturing a sense of the divine that influences her work today. Current artist, Daniel Gerhartz, also influences her “While our styles and subject matter differ I am entranced by his mastery of light, the female form, and the ethereal and romantic feel to his paintings.” The more Lucy painted she discovered a talent for seeing, capturing, and painting moments that stir one’s emotions. Lucy describes her style as an expressive or painterly realism.

Lucy’s faith has had a profound effect on her life and who she is as an artist. This guides her in a desire to share light and hope through her work and stories. Each painting starts and ends with a prayer, for the creation of the artwork itself and for its impact on others.