Xanadu Gallery | Scottsdale, AZ*

Komala Rohde


Komala Rohde is a mixed metal jewelry artist who has lived in Sedona since 1995. She enjoys working with silver, bronze, copper, steel and metal clay. Metal clay, similarly moldable like traditional modeling clay, turns into beautiful solidified metal when fired. This allows her to make intricate and beautiful pendant designs that pair wonderfully with beadwork, metal, and semi-precious stones. 

Rohde draws from a wide variety of inspiration. Having an interest in combining contemporary styles with techniques of the past, Rohde strives to bring centuries of tradition into the modern era. Working with mixed metals and metal clay, she experiments with Mokume Gane – a technique a part of a Japanese tradition going back to the 17th century. Through this technique, different metals are brought together to create a captivating finish resembling a wooden texture. She is currently one of few artists exploring mixed metals in Mokume Gane, collages and other techniques. 

However, she not only draws inspiration from the past, but also helps with pioneering new techniques such as her work with Niobium. Through a process called anodizing, she submerses the metal in a soap water bath, allowing the niobium to oxidize into amazing colors. “I love working with cutting edge, contemporary jewelry techniques such as Niobium, which is similar in its properties to Titanium, but much rarer, vibrant, and precious,” she says. Through her experimental and meditative process, she is able to find clarity and direction in her work. 

This exploratory approach to art has earned a spot in esteemed establishments like Xanadu Gallery and several other galleries in Arizona, affirming her place in the artistic community. All of her jewelry pieces are unique, timeless works of art that make a beautiful addition to any collection.