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Christine Hausserman


About Christine Hausserman

Born in 1978 in Wisconsin, Christine Hausserman is a glass and acrylic paint artist currently living and working in Southern California. She received her BFA with a concentration in New Genre from Sierra Nevada College in 2003.

Christine explores the visual relationships between color and texture. To create her works of art, she begins with a specialized dichroic glass that she cuts to shape and then fuses in her kiln at around 1400-1600 degrees. When she has her glass cooled and cleaned, she places it directly into textured acrylic paint, which has been applied to an aluminum or wood panel. After everything has completely hardened, which can take a week or more, she continues to add layers of paint. Once the piece has completely dried, next comes the hours upon hours of cleaning the excess paint off of the glass. The beautiful result is worth the effort!

Throughout the years, Christine has received numerous awards for her artwork. When she is not on the road heading to an art show, you can find her in her studio creating new works of art.