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Charles Adams and Thomas Widhalm


About Adams & Widhalm

These majestic sculptures, handcrafted from iron and Minnesota fieldstone, offer a timeless reflection of nature’s finest works, adding a touch of serenity to any environment.

Each spring, Minnesota farmers discover the earth has once again given birth to stones of every imaginable shape and size. They appear to have magically popped to the surface of the farmer’s field, hence they are called fieldstones. This phenomenon is due to the cyclical freezing and thawing of the ground. Often they appear as if giant birds have laid eggs all over the ground.  The artists select the finest of these fieldstones from the farms that grow them and add their unique copyrighted iron work to create sculptures that will adorn a special place for generations.

Charles Adams and Thomas Widhalm created these wonderful sculptures by marrying their passion for gardening with Chuck’s 40-year background as a jeweler and Tom’s 33 years as a creative metal worker.

Chuck found working in his garden not only to be peaceful but also a way to express creativity. He designed his garden using 54 tons of boulders, and planting 1,800 perennials over 1½ acres of mostly shade gardens. After searching for artwork to complement his garden, and finding nothing that seemed unique or natural, he decided to make his own. He collaborated with his long-time friend and fellow gardener, Tom Widhalm. Together over a period of almost a year, they designed their unique one-of-a kind iron and stone sculptures. They have been adding designs ever since. Their sculptures are crafted from iron and hand-selected Minnesota fieldstone chosen for character & shape.