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Yvonne Gaudet - "Blaze"

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Artist: Yvonne Gaudet
Title: Blaze
Medium: Mixed Media on Panel
Dimensions: 24"h x24"w

DOER of GOoD - Lion. "Unconditional Friend". Acrylic & Collage. Painted edges coordinate with the piece; no framing needed. Wired and ready to hang. ARTIST'S NOTES: While still a young cub, Blaze developed a close friendship with another young member of the pride. When Blaze became the object of ridicule by other adolescents of the group, his friend unhesitatingly came to his defense, even though it meant that he, too, became a target of the same bullies. From this, Blaze came to understand and appreciate the meaning of unconditional friendship. Now he never counts the cost when it's time to help his friends.