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Xima Hulings

About Xima Hulings

Xima creates original artwork with animals and patterns inspired by the farm and field using gouache, watercolor, pen and ink.  These pieces are reproduced as giclee prints and then embellished with gold leaf making each a unique expression of the original.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Xima attended Vanderbilt University, where she studied mostly fine arts, and she received her master’s degree in architecture from Columbia University before embarking on a successful career in architecture design that spanned more than 20 years. When she felt a sort of imbalance, however, she cashed in all of her hard-earned career chips and embarked on a brand new path. At her husband's urging, Xima signed up for some classes at the School for the Museum of Fine Art (SMFA) in Boston and thus began her second career in the arts.

Xima's studio is in Nashville, TN.  She is always searching for new ways to express her love of design and life on the farm.