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Mason Parker - "Irridescent Flutter - Mini Damselfly #5 Marine Blue/Medium Blue"

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Artist: Mason Parker
Title: Irridescent Flutter - Mini Damselfly #5 Marine Blue/Medium Blue
Medium: Fused Glass and Copper
Dimensions: 8"h x 14"w

"Irridescent Flutter" is a three-dimensional representation of a damselfly. It features elongated, iridescent turquoise wings. Copper wire forms the wing edges and segments, spirals, and additional decorative elements. The body of the damselfly consists of copper wires intricately twisted together, forming the thorax and abdomen. The wings are set in a dynamic position, as if the damselfly were in mid-flight. The sculpture exudes a vibrant energy and there's a strong interplay of color and metal, balancing intricacy with simplicity.