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Karen Kurka Jensen - "Music of the Spheres 1"

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Artist: Karen Kurka Jensen
Title: Music of the Spheres 1
Medium: Ink and watercolor on ricepaper
Dimensions: 30"h x 9"w

"Music of the Spheres 1" is a vertically oriented, elongated piece that displays an abstract style with a blend of colors and forms. The top portion features dark, smokey shades that seem to billow and spread outward. Below this dark expanse is an area of more varied hues, including warm yellows, tans, and patches of pale green, giving the impression of an organic and fluid landscape. Central to the composition is a circular motif with a lighter border, which stands out against the more muted and nebulous background. Further down, the artwork transitions into tones of deep red and brown. Near the bottom, a large, dark, and shadowy shape anchors the piece, providing a strong visual contrast to the lighter areas above. The blending of colors and the dynamic forms create a sense of motion and etherealness, inviting the viewer to engage with the artwork on an emotional and interpretive level.