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Joshua Pass - "Equilibrium "

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Artist: Joshua Pass
Title: Equilibrium
Medium: Bronze, SS, Aquamarine
Dimensions: 25"h x 16"w

Wall sculpture

"Equilibrium" is a wall mounted sculpture that consists of stylized, metal elements. Two elongated, red shapes with tapered ends. Their intersection creates a central point that anchors the composition. Surrounding the red shapes is a broad, circular form, segmented into two main curved sections. The texture of these sections is distinctly different, characterized by machined metal. A small blue aquamarine marble rests between the red shapes at their intersection, adding a touch of contrasting color to the predominantly red and silver artwork. Furthermore, two intricate elements flank the blue orb, positioned where the red shapes intersect the circular form. These decorative pieces have a silver color with fine detailing, enhancing the visual complexity of the sculpture. The overall construction suggests industrial design combined with an artistic flair for composition and color contrast.