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John Horejs - "Morning Tide"

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Artist: John Horejs
Title: Morning Tide
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 40"h x 30"w

"Morning Tide" is a painting that showcases a seascape. The composition focuses on the dynamic movement of ocean waves rendered in shades of blue, white, and grey, capturing the sea's frothy texture. The crest of the closest wave is highlighted by the light, sunlight reflecting off the ocean surface. The water's undulations and the play of light on the waves convey the ocean's rhythmic motion. The horizon is subtly defined with a soft transition of the colors of dawn, with hints of warm tones. The sky occupies the upper portion of the painting and is painted with a pale color that enhances the tranquil atmosphere of the seascape. The overall effect is serene and reflective, inviting the viewer to contemplate the natural beauty and power of the sea.