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John Horejs - "Saguaros at Sunset"

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Artist: John Horejs
Title: Saguaros at Sunset
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 60"h x 20"w

"Saguaros at Sunset" is a vertical painting depicting a desert scene at twilight. Dominating the foreground are several saguaro cacti, rendered in a silhouette against the lighter background. The cacti stand tall and reach up toward a sky filled with stratified clouds gently painted in a mixture of warm yellows, peaches, and subtle pinks, which contrast with the cooler tones of the blues and grays. The middle ground shows mountains, also in silhouette form, which provides a sense of depth and layers to the composition. The hues in this portion ease into the darker values, offering a stark juxtaposition to the illuminated sky above. The brushwork varies throughout the scene, with the sky showing softer blends of color and the vegetation and landscape featuring more distinct, textured strokes. These textured strokes add to the wild, natural feel of the scene. Overall, the painting evokes a tranquil, serene atmosphere and is intended to capture the specific quality of light and color that characterizes desert landscapes at the end of the day.