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Jarod Farver - "Sundance"

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Artist: Jarod Farver
Title: Sundance
Medium: Acrylic and Resin
Dimensions: 24"h x 18"w

"Sundance" is an abstract piece, characterized by a large expanse of warm, vibrant colors. The top two-thirds of the canvas is saturated in a rich, fiery orange that fades into a luminous yellow, evoking the impression of an ethereal quality of light. This warm tone has been applied in thin, translucent layers, creating a sense of depth with subtle variations in hue and intensity. The color is not uniform, and there are vertical streaks and gradations that add texture and movement to the piece. In contrast, the bottom third of the painting features a much darker, earthy tone. Overall, the painting evokes a sense of contemplation, with its simple yet bold use of color and form. The use of color gradients and contrasts creates an emotive atmosphere, allowing the viewer to experience the piece on a sensory level.