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Jarod Farver - "Sandstone Halfmoon"

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Artist: Jarod Farver
Title: Sandstone Halfmoon
Medium: Acrylic and Resin
Dimensions: 48"h x 40"w

"Sandstone Halfmoon" is a large, abstract painting that is primarily divided into two main color fields—one on top of the other—separated where the two colors meet. The upper section of the painting is dominated by warm, rich, orange and yellow tones, with a texture that suggests vigorous layering. The variations in hue and the visible strokes give it an organic, dynamic feel. The lower section contrasts with the upper by its cooler, more subdued pink tones. This part also features a softer, more diffused look. The artwork does not contain any recognizable forms or objects, which aligns with many abstract expressionist paintings where the focus is on color, form, and the act of creating art itself.