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Jacey Fiack - "Vertical Daffodils Dancing"

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Artist: Jacey Fiack
Title: Vertical Daffodils Dancing
Medium: Acrylic /Mixed Media
Dimensions: 36"h x 12"w

"Vertical Daffodils Dancing" is a painting featuring a stylized landscape. The top portion of the painting showcases an expansive sky graduating from deep navy at the top to a lighter azure blue. Below the sky is a serene depiction of bands of warm colors ranging from a soft yellow to a pale orange. In the lower section, abstract daffodils decorate the land. The land is painted with a gradient of greens starting with a lighter shade that darkens as it reaches the bottom of the canvas. The array of daffodils in full bloom adds vibrancy and life to the scene. This painting gives off a sense of tranquility and might evoke feelings of the peaceful end to a day. The colors are chosen to convey a gentle transition of light and provide a harmonious contrast between the warm and cool tones. The style is somewhat abstract, with the emphasis on color and form over intricate detail.