Xanadu Gallery | Scottsdale, AZ*

J. Scott Nicol




 Artist J. Scott Nicol loves books; His collection exceeds one thousand books. Nicol reads novels from the classic to the obscure and buys coffee table books for the photos and art books for the art.

"The books I have in my library tell the story of me," says Nicol. "They show my likes, interests, and passions. If you want to know about someone, go to their house and look at their collection of books."

As an artist, Nicol expresses himself through his paintings. To tell his story, he chose to use books to create a unique narrative. Creating his highly detailed paintings is a painstaking process of research, intricate composition, and detailed artwork. After coming up with a thematic concept, he chooses the image for each of the books. Next, Nicol creates a colored background that is complementary to the images. Finally, he makes up book titles that, in combination with the images, will elicit a response from the viewer.

Nicol has created over 60 paintings depicting over 400 books.