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Guilloume - "Unique Individuals | Wall Relief"

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Artist: Guilloume
Title: Unique Individuals | Wall Relief
Medium: Bronze Relief on Aluminum
Dimensions: 32"h x 20"w

The great struggle in life is not to become
somebody; it’s simply to become the person we
really are. Remaining true to that ideal is one of
life’s great challenges. Finding the right life
partner should never compromise who we are.
On the contrary, sharing ourselves with a
partner should only enrich our life experience
and reflect our unique identity. If we were to
separate all the individual components of a
great minestrone soup, we’d find that each
ingredient is quite wonderful on its own. The
recipe ensures that no single component
overpowers any of the other. Instead, they
actually bring out the best in each other in a
very delicious way.--Guilloume