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Guilloume - "Commitment" | 48 inches

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Artist: Guilloume
Title: Commitment
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 48"h x 25"w

As a young man, the word "commitment" created a bit of an enigma in my mind. On one hand, it was something I feared, while on the other, I intuitively felt I wanted it in my life. My elder brother, Leon , having been married for 49 years to his wife Clara Ines, served as a major source of inspiration when he'd tell me, "things continue to get better every day." For many of us, our heads tell us that commitment is a trap or a dutiful obligation that is forced on us by family or society. The underlying fear seems to stem from the thought that we are losing our freedom to experience other possibilities. Often our hearts tell us just the opposite; that commitment is joyous surrender into love without the sacrifice of our selves. The day came when I made the decision to listen to my heart. I "jumped off the cliff" and discovered to my surprise, great joy in commitment. It's hard work sometimes and it requires a degree of discipline, but I have found it to be one of the most freeing decisions of my life. The more deeply I commit, the more I receive in return. I do not perceive my devotion to my wife as a loss of my freedom. For me, it is a celebration of my work, my mind, my capabilities and my entire being. I found the inspiration for Commitment during a 27th-anniversary trip to Florida with my wife, Gladys. Note that there is no gap between the two characters. This is my way of showing that a seamless bond has grown out of our mutual commitment. --Guilloume