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Gary Lee Price - "Pin High"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Pin High
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 62"h x 34"w

"Challenge, perseverance, dedication: three words that describe the mindset necessary to excel in golf. The same attributes are needed to master life. This young fellow is taking his natural talent and hours of practice in anticipation of that perfect golf shot – “Pin High” – tap in for birdie. In life, as well as golf, there are unseen obstacles and challenges that can be overcome as we strive for excellence. My neighbor Jeff Pickering was a very helpful and accommodating model and fun to work with. It’s always a nice kudos when a model ends up thinking the piece turned out nice enough to acquire one, as Jeff did. Capturing not only the gesture but the personality, likeness and ‘gestalt’ is the challenge when using live models. It’s really fun to pull it off!"

"Pin High" shows a bronze sculpture of a young male golfer in the midst of a golf swing. The golfer is poised with his golf club directed towards the ground. The figure exhibits a focused expression, looking off to the side. The attention to detail in the folds of the clothing and the realistic posture of the figure showcases the Price's skill in capturing a moment from the sport of golf in a lifelike and dynamic form.