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Gary Lee Price - "Messenger (Female)"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Messenger (Female)
Medium: Bronze
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"Have you had things happen in your life that seemed like pure coincidence at the time and then, in retrospect, you realized that ‘chance happening’ was exactly what you needed, exactly when you needed it? Or have you ever had a weird experience that came out of nowhere and that knowledge helped you along your journey; gave you precisely what you needed at that particular time? Have you ever had someone come into your life out of nowhere, later realizing it was for a very specific purpose? I recognize that there have been innumerable times in my life when I was literally handed the exact person, place, or thing that I needed! Some believe we receive these gifts from emissaries we might call guardian angels or spirit guides. However we describe or explain it, I am convinced that we are not alone. While sculpting this piece, I felt a special closeness to my mom whom I lost at age six. I placed pictures of her all around my studio while I worked on it. I strongly feel that my mother has been one of my guardian angels throughout my life. The 'Messenger' is about the one who is unseen, but forever real. She is a messenger of light, of truth and comfort. This youthful angel radiates purity. Her appearance is pristine as she elegantly offers her outstretched hands. I offer to you The Messenger’ who is delivering to you a very specific, personal gift when you are ready to receive it." Gary Lee price

"Messenger" is a dynamic representation of an angelic female. The angel has large, intricately detailed wings that are spread open, adding to the motion and grace of the sculpture. It is sculpted with a flowing robe draped around its form, which contributes to the fluidity of the composition. The angel's expression is serene and focused. The outstretched arms and forward-leaning posture convey a sense of guidance and protection. The artistry involved includes careful attention to the anatomy and texture of the wings, the garment, and the hair, which is styled in an elegant manner. The sculpture is finished in a monochromatic tone, emphasizing the play of light and shadows across its surface, which accentuates the depth and detail of the work. Overall, the artwork evokes themes of spirituality, guidance, and elegance.