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Gary Lee Price - "From the Tee"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: From the Tee
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 73"h x 62"w

"Vision, focus, deliverance! The perfect drive – down the center of the fairway and out of the rough – that’s the vision. As he stands on the fairway watching his partners, he’s all about focus. And finally, all the instruction and all the practice will hopefully pay off with the perfect delivery." Gary Lee Price

"From the Tee" shows a sculpture of a golfer standing with a relaxed yet confident posture. The golfer is dressed in traditional attire with a cap, shirt tucked into pants, and golfing shoes. They hold a golf club in their right hand, which rests on the ground, while the left hand is placed on the hip. The sculpture exhibits detailed texturing that captures the folds of the clothing and the physical features of the individual. The artwork is executed in a realistic style, giving the impression of a moment frozen in time, conveying the grace and focus associated with the sport of golf.