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Gary Lee Price - "Flower Girls"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Flower Girls
Medium: Bronze
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"I enjoy sculpting figures in tandem to form a single composition. Most of my pieces combining two figures are designed to have a strong silhouette. I try to make their relationship an integral part of the piece. These two little neighbor girls, Katie and Mia, were in our sculpture garden checking out the flowers. They were most happy to pose for me and were little naturals. They are very close sisters and I wanted to capture that relationship." Gary Lee Price

"Flower Girls" is a bronze sculpture featuring two figures, both young girls, standing back-to-back on a textured rectangular base. The girl on the left is extending her right arm upwards, holding a bouquet of flowers. The other girl is holding a similar cluster in her hands. Both girls showcase expressions of joy. The piece exemplifies the joy that we can experience in nature.