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Gary Lee Price - "Earth, Wind 'n Fire"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Earth, Wind 'n Fire
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 30"h x 30"w

"A sculptor must take into account all sides and views of this type of creation and I attempted to make something exciting happen at all angles of this piece. It is designed to be walked around and viewed from all angles. I think, next to the human figure, the horse is the hardest to sculpt. There’s just so much anatomy, a challenge; I truly had my hands full. When I contemplate the horse, I think Arabian . I chose to sculpt three horses for the sake of composition and design. I didn’t want the piece to become a long and lengthy oration of every move a horse is capable of, but rather a clean, crisp, simple statement that describes the horse in complete detail. The name Earth, Wind ‘n Fire came to me months after the project was underway and seemed to describe in three simple words the spirit I wanted the piece to take on. Earth contains the elements from which all of God’s creations are formed. Wind describes the Spirit which enables our earthbound machines to take off and soar. And fire denotes zest and enthusiasm which propel the body and spirit in a vigorous and exciting way. The base has been left somewhat abstract so as not to take away from the horses. It is a blending of design: earth, shrubs, grass and water. It suggests the creation and the coming forth of opulent life. The rearing horse is, of course, the stallion. His might and power are flanked at either side by a swift running mare . The light patina on the horses suggests the sacredness and purity of life, while the bluish‑green base brings out the life giving qualities of earth and water."

"Earth, Wind, & Fire" is a dynamic sculpture featuring three horses in a dynamic pose. The horses are detailed with a focus on muscular definition, wild manes, and tails that add a sense of motion. They are positioned atop a rugged terrain. Each horse exhibits a different position. The use of monochromatic tones enhances the textural details and the focus on form over color. Price captures a vigorous scene that captivates from all angles.