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Gary Lee Price - "Cool Cat"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Cool Cat
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 5"h x 5"w

"One of my favorite songs is ZZ Top’s ‘Cheap Sunglasses’. I played it often while sculpting Cool Cat. It was fun creating another whimsical, sphere-shaped animal. It was a good fit also because my model, our son Ty’s cat, Boo Boo, can be pretty arrogant along with his ‘coolness." Gary Lee Price

"Cool Cat" is a sculpture of an overweight cat. This cat is depicted sitting upright with its front paws placed close to each other. It is adorned with sunglasses giving it a humanized, cool demeanor, and features a collar with a red tag The sculpture has a metallic finish, with the color palette predominantly silver and accents that outline features like the whiskers, ears, and collar. The chubby cheeks, relaxed posture, and accessories lend the sculpture a playful and comical character.