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Gary Lee Price - "Circle of Friends"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Circle of Friends
Medium: Bronze
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"Animals are an essential part of our happiness on this planet. By including an animal from each of the seven continents, I’ve represented the entire world and our need for interaction and cooperation. Just as in my human version (Circle of Peace) – Circle of Friends represents respect for each other’s uniqueness. Combined with understanding, any gaps or indifferences can be bridged. The circle represents the world coming together, ‘paws’ clasped in friendship and unity. This sculpture is not just visual, it’s also about interaction and that’s when relationships begin. As children of all ages notice the gap they’ll be prompted to complete the circle of life. I’ve left a space in the circle for you to join us. I invite your participation!" Gary Lee Price

"Circle of Friends" features animals engaged in a dynamic, playful activity. The central figures are a group of creatures standing on two legs, interlocking limbs to form a circle. The figures are intricately sculpted with textured surfaces and detailed facial expressions. In the foreground, a bear is holding hands with a sloth figure. Behind them, a kangaroo stands on its hind legs, its front limbs extended, joining the circle. An elephant and a giraffe are also participating behind the kangaroo, contributing to the communal atmosphere. A turtle and beaver join the circle next to the giraffe. In the center, a gap is left for people to complete the circle. The overall composition captures a sense of community and interconnectedness among the animal figures. The artwork has a whimsical and imaginative quality, inviting viewers to engage with the narrative it presents.