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Gary Lee Price - "Celebration"

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Artist: Gary Lee Price
Title: Celebration
Medium: Bronze
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"To be able to fly is so symbolic of freedom and possibilities; and flying around a sphere, to me, represents the joy we experience in this life, and in the sphere of worlds to come! Imagine a world without limits, without boundaries, without prejudice and blame. Imagine an existence full of self-confidence, self-esteem and not only tolerance, but love for others regardless of color, socio-economic or any other standing. To me that is what the future holds. That is what children represent and that is the type of world I would like to help others imagine so it can come to pass. I believe sculpture can have a tremendous, uplifting influence on us and so I envision this piece as a large, life-size work where its message can ring loud and clear. ‘Celebration!’ is just that, a celebration of life and aspirations." Gary Lee Price

"Celebration" features a large, textured sphere centrally positioned within a vertical, rectangular frame. From various angles, human figures in bronze fly around the sphere and frame. These figures exhibit dynamic poses, caught in the midst of motion, flying through the air. The sculpture conveys a sense of energy and movement, with the figures oriented as if in orbit around the spherical element, emphasizing themes of freedom and playfulness.